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Flippa Ball is a non contact sport where the players can stand up in the pool.

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Flippa Ball is a non-contact water polo for children aged 12 years and under. Played in shallow water, it offers participants the opportunity to stand on the bottom of the pool which allows them the opportunity to rest if required. Participants cannot walk with the ball, they must swim. They may catch the ball with two hands but all passing and shooting must occur with one hand.

Flippa Ball is a natural progression into junior water polo which involves treading water and greater ball skills. Flippa Ball is also an excellent introduction into team sports and teaches the participants the value in a team effort to score goals.

Coffs Harbour Water Polo trains and plays all year round, with heated pools for the Flippa Ball competitors, a safe and watchful environment is held for all our members. With qualified Life Savers and health workers on hand, safety is our number one priority.

You can find out all our pool times and venu locations right here. Everyone is welcome to come along and have a try at Flippa Ball.

Flippa Ball is Fun for All

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